News Release Eligibility Guidelines

All news releases submitted to EurekAlert! must describe information first released within the past 90 days. EurekAlert! reserves the right to determine the eligibility and categorization of all news releases submitted to the site based on the following category-specific guidelines:

Research News+

  • Research results, breakthroughs, technologies, or procedures published in a peer-reviewed journal or presented at a scientific meeting1
  • Editorials, commentaries, or perspectives based on scientific research published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Scientifically validated survey data or image analysis produced or vetted by a credible, recognized organization
  • Timely science policy news with recommendations based on published research

Business, Innovation, & Society

  • Collaborations, mergers, or agreements between organizations
  • Start of a new clinical trial, a trial phase, or its results
  • Approval, licensing, or patenting of new products or technology
  • Forecasts, trends, or reports of new economic or financial developments in industries or organizations
  • New databases or resources that aid scientific research

Meeting Announcement+

  • An upcoming meeting, conference, or seminar at which new scientific research is being presented, and which is open to the media or public

Press Conference Announcement+

  • An upcoming press event, such as a press conference, teleconference, or online press conference where new scientific research is being released

Grant Announcement

  • Funding of organizations, projects, or individuals, including fellowships
  • Work that will begin or continue due to new or continued funding

Award Announcement+

  • An award or honor given to a person or organization; typically not monetary in nature
  • Announcement must clearly convey significance to the scientific community at-large (not just to the specific discipline) and/or to the general public

Book Announcement

  • Publication of a new book, manual, or textbook related to science, medicine, technology, or the environment

+ News releases in these categories may be submitted to EurekAlert! under embargo if the embargo is set by the publishers of research or organizers of the scientific meeting or press events.

1 In some cases, research findings from a faculty-approved doctoral thesis or dissertation may be eligible.

EurekAlert! does not accept all news releases, including but not limited to those that fall under the following categories:

  • Administrative news, such as appointments or changes in leadership or faculty; new buildings, facilities, or equipment; new programs or institutes; and ranking announcements
  • Editorials, commentaries, op-eds, letters to the editor, or perspectives that are based primarily on individual opinion, not published in a peer-reviewed journal, or not supported by new research or a recent review of existing research
  • Expert availabilities, feature stories, public statements, speeches, open letters, Q&As, interview transcripts and other materials not written in a media release format
  • News regarding, or websites aimed at, public awareness events or campaigns
  • Calls for research paper submissions, award/grant applications, entry in competitions, or participation in projects or clinical trials
  • In rare cases, at our sole discretion, news releases that may be perceived to promote biased findings, raise unanswered questions about potential conflicts of interest, and/or carry an advocacy agenda unfounded in scientific research, may be deemed inappropriate for the site.

AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

Policy last revised 5 February 2019