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UNIST-UOU Joint Exhibition: 'Products, Designed for New Normal Era'

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST)

Scientific Meeting Announcement

UNIST's Department of Design and the University of Ulsan's Department of Industrial Design are hosting a joint exhibition in the Design Showroom at UNIST. Started on March 15, the exhibition will held throughout the weekdays until March 26, 2021.

With the theme of "Products Designed for New Normal Era," this exhibition throws a hot topic about the role of a product designer in the 'New Normal' of the post-COVID era.

This exhibition also features project designs, created by third-year students who recently enrolled in courses in product design. During their courseworks, participating students from each university thought about the role of a product designer in the 'New Normal' of the post-COVID era and came up with answers.

Under the supervision of Professor Seungho Park-Lee, students from UNIST have suggested several product design solutions that can make public spaces cleaner and safer. A couple of notable entry works include a shopping cart with rounded edges (Participating students: Inhyeok Choi, Dongsoo Kim, Geonho Lee, and Kezia Odelia) and a hand sanitizer bottle that can be easily installed on elevator handrails (Participating students: Huwon Lee, Minju Han, and Jonghyun Han).

Other product designs, presented by Professor Seung-June Kim and his design team from the University of Ulsan include a mask with detachable face shield (Participating students: Namyeon Kim and Sangeun Park) and an in-home healthcare system that monitors those in quarantine, collects data by wireless connection, and transmits it to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Participating student: Inju Byeon).

The exhibition will feature a total of 17 works, including 7 design products and 10 design posters. A total of 13 students from UNIST and 17 students from the University of Ulsan participated. At the exhibition hall, you will also get a chance to see the booklet of the 2020 graduate exhibition, 'Transition: The Starting Point for Change.'

For more detailed information please contact the Administrative Office of UNIST Department of Design (052-217-3561).


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