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What about Hong Kong?

A former City University of Hong Kong political science professor explains the political unrest persisting amidst a pandemic

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The governance crisis in Hong Kong today reflects the challenges facing East Asia at this stage. And the Chinese authorities' policy towards Hong Kong demonstrates their priorities and values. ln order to understand the major changes in Hong Kong today, one has to examine the root causes of these changes including the political demands of the people and the failure of meeting these demands, and the paradigm shift this Special Autonomous Region is undergoing in terms of political developments and governance.

Political Development in Hong Kong offers readers probably the most comprehensive and up to date accounts of Hong Kong's trends of politics, economic developments and social changes. It examines issues of modern governance in response to people's changing demands and values, especially those of the younger generations.

The book analyzes the political development in Hong Kong in chronological order from the Sino-British negotiations till today. It focuses on the rule of the British administration before 1997; the Chinese leadership's policy towards Hong Kong; the changing attitudes and values of the Hong Kong people; the evolution of the pro-democracy movement in the territory; and the international environment affecting the Hong Kong situation.

Anyone interested in Hong Kong, China and East Asia should not miss this book.


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About the Author

Joseph Cheng has published on Hong Kong's political developments in the past four decades and more. At the same time, he has been working for the pro- democracy movement in the territory. Joseph is the retired Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of the Contemporary China Research Project, City University of Hong Kong. He is the founding editor of the Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences and the Journal of Comparative Asian Development. As a researcher and writer, he publishes widely on the political development in China and Hong Kong, Chinese foreign policy and development in southern China. His recent publications include China's Japan Policy: Adjusting to New Challenges (2015), The Use of Mao and the Chongqing Model (2015), China's Foreign Policy (2016) and Multilateral Approach in China's Foreign Policy (2018). He served as the Convener of the Alliance for True Democracy in Hong Kong in 2013-14, and was a trustee of the Justice Defence Fund in Hong Kong.

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