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Small RNA Symposium 2019

Colorado State University

The registration fee is $100 and includes lodging for the nights of April 3-5 and meals at the CSU Todos Santos Center. After the registration period ends and we have received your registration information, an email from Colorado State University will be sent to you requesting payment.


    Scott Kennedy -- Harvard Medical School

    John Kim -- Johns Hopkins University

    Thomas Duchaine -- McGill University

    Martin Simard -- Laval University Cancer Research Centre

    Dick Davis -- University of Colorado School of Medicine

    Antony Jose -- University of Maryland

    Anna Zinovyeva -- Kansas State University

    Xantha Karp -- Central Michigan University

    Elaine Youngman -- Villanova University

    Swathi Arur -- University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Dustin Updike -- MDI Biological Laboratory

    Shawn Ahmed -- University of North Carolina

    Christopher Hammel -- Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

    Amy Buck -- University of Edinburgh

    Weifeng Gu -- University of California, Riverside

    Heng-Chi Lee -- University of Chicago

    Wen Chen -- WormBase, Caltech

    Sylvia Fischer -- Boston Children's Hospital


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