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Impact of waves on Antarctic sea ice

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Researchers analyzed satellite imagery of ocean waves in sea ice to extract an Antarctic-wide dataset of ocean wave heights during 2014-2016, from which they calculated the stress exerted by waves on the ice, finding that wave stress magnitude was comparable to wind stress magnitude over large areas and was highly variable, suggesting that wave stresses can influence ice extent and thickness.

Article #18-02011: "Strong and highly variable push of ocean waves on Southern Ocean sea ice," by Justin E. Stopa, Peter Sutherland, and Fabrice Ardhuin.

MEDIA CONTACT: Justin E. Stopa, Laboratory of Physical and Spatial Oceanography, Ifremer, Plouzane, FRANCE; tel: 732-223-0601, 732-927-0538; e-mail: <>, <>


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