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Sorghum yield and temperature

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

In a study that included data on 408 varieties of sorghum, researchers used statistical modeling to analyze climatological and sorghum yield data collected from 1985 to 2014 in Kansas, and found that sorghum yields declined at temperatures higher than 33 °C; further, in modeling scenarios with moderate and high temperature increases of 2 °C and 4 °C, sorghum yield decreased by approximately 17% and 44%, respectively, with an average reduction of 10% per 1°C from 1-5 °C, findings with potential implications for sorghum breeding programs.


Article #17-06383: "Disaggregating sorghum yield reductions under warming scenarios exposes narrow genetic diversity in US breeding programs," by Jesse Tack, Jane Lingenfelser, and Krishna Jagadish.

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