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SETAC North America 35th Annual Meeting

Sea to Sky: Interconnecting Ecosystems

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

SETAC is pleased to invite you to attend the SETAC North America 35th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC on 9-13 November. Researchers will contribute over 1900 presentations spread over 12 concurrent platform sessions and multiple daily poster sessions. The special symposia have been expanded to include new tracks for integrated environmental assessment and management, regulatory directions, remediation and restoration, and linking science and social issues. This is the first SETAC meeting to present a coordinated science theme in a triplet of venues; "Energy, Sustainability and Global Risk" will be offered as a professional training course, the topic of Monday's keynote talk and the focus of a special symposium debate.

Special symposia will embrace the "Sea to Sky" theme, covering topics such as oil sands, Deepwater Horizon oil spill, pollinators and pesticides, and endocrine disrupters. Keynote speakers have also been lined up with "Interconnecting Ecosystems" in mind. On Sunday night, renowned Canadian naturalist and author Richard Cannings will provide an overview of the natural history and environment of BC. On Monday, Ralph Nigro will address energy and environmental issues. On Tuesday, author and ethnobotanist Wade Davis will highlight issues in northern BC drawn from his book "Sacred Headwaters," and on Wednesday, Robert Lackey will give a thought provoking lecture on normative science.

Journalists are given complimentary registration.


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