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4th International Congress on Electron Tomography

5-8 November 2006

University of California - San Diego

The FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ELECTRON TOMOGRAPHY, (4ICET), will be held Nov. 5 - 8, 2006 at Paradise Point Resort and Convention Center in San Diego. This conference series has been held every two to three years since 1997. It brings together biologists, biophysicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, materials scientists and electron optical instrumentation specialists for an interdisciplinary summit to exchange ideas and approaches, advancing the methods for conducting electron tomography to address research challenges in biology.

For students in biological electron tomography, this conference presents a great training opportunity to learn about cutting edge developments in its methodology and application. Electron tomography forms a link between high-resolution structural determination and visualization in the native cellular context. Electron tomography is also proving to be a powerful tool for a rapidly increasing number of materials science applications. Electron tomography is moving from a specialized experimental technique practiced by a few laboratories to one that is delivering critical new information to cell biologists, structural biologists and neuroscientists.


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