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Major International Neurosonology Meeting In Winston-Salem August 12-17 To Push Back The Frontiers Of Ultrasound

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

WINSTON-SALEM Ultrasound is being used to separate dementias caused by Alzheimer's disease from those caused by prescription drugs. Specialists are using ultrasound to watch the brain when students think, and when they stop thinking.

Ultrasound is being used to treat stroke, increasing the efficacy of the new clot busting drugs, and averting the brain damage that just a few months ago routinely led to costly rehabilitation. Ultrasound is being used to measure the progression of hardening of the arteries and to determine non-invasively when surgery or other definitive treatment is needed, and then to measure the success of the repair without the risk of angiography.

The latest developments in ultrasound for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, strokes and a panoply of other diseases will be discussed next month at the Seventh Meeting of the Neurosonology Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology. The meeting will be held August 12-17 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, only the second time the prestigious group has met in the United States.

Hundreds of specialists from around the world will present dozens of invited lectures, 84 investigator-initiated platform presentations, and more than 130 scientific posters.

In addition, news-making tutorials and courses will be offered, particularly in the area of the transcranial Doppler, which was first used in the United States at Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital Medical Center more than a decade ago. Now it is being used in children for everything from detecting malformations and other problems to determining brain death, and in adults for a host of problems.

Among the new developments, techniques and applications to be discussed are 3-D ultrasound, power Doppler imaging, use of contrast agents (to improve the visibility of the arteries under ultrasound), new methods for detecting cerebral emboli, use of ultrasound in interventional neurovascular procedures, and measuring flow rates through arteries to improve diagnosis of cerebrovascular disorders.

The scientists also will be talking about other new arenas, such as the use of ultrasound to study cerebrovascular effects of drugs, migraine, epilepsy, dementia, and physiological states, to evaluate brain injury, brain swelling and coma and the effects of asphyxia or infections and to evaluate neuromuscular diseases or injuries.

The meeting is sponsored by the World Federation of Neurology and the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the attached form and additional information will be sent to you. The registration fee will be waived for accredited news media and other members of the working press. A press room, press conference room, and interview room will be available. We expect to make press releases available on certain key papers and to schedule press conferences for some of these presentations.

The convention hotel is the Adams Mark; other hotels also are available near the Benton Convention Center, where the meeting will take place. The nearest major airport is Piedmont Triad International Airport 17 miles away; however, better connections are often available at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport or Raleigh-Durham Airport, both about 90 minutes away.

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7th Meeting of the Neurosonology Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology, Winston-Salem, N.C., August 12-17, 1997

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