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European Science Association Founded

European Science Foundation

"EUROSCIENCE" -- a European association open to scientists and other citizens concerned by science and technology -- came into being today, with the holding of its constitutent assembly in Strasbourg. Some 150 people took part: founder members from 26 different countries, scientific journalists, observers and representatives of various European and international authorities. The statutes of Euroscience were adopted and its first working axis set up.

The first public expression of this initiative was the call published in the journal "Nature" (1996, 383, pp 93 and 108) that was given a very favourable response.

Euroscience wants to enroll European scientists very quickly, in particular young scientists, as well as people who play other roles in economic and social life: media professionals, industrialists, teachers and trainers, etc., so that all become closely involved in the association's activities.

Its chief aim is to provide for scientists and for a wide public a free tribune for debate and forethought on the relationship between science and society, in a transdisciplinary and pan-European spirit.

Euroscience will also seek to act as a mediator between the scientific community and those who have responsibilities in the European Union, national governments, and European organizations with similar goals, in concertation with European learned societies and in dialogue with similar societies on other continents.

Three workshops were organized in order to constitute working groups able to come up quickly with analyses and practical recommendations:

  • What future is there for young scientists in Europe?
  • Ways and means to strengthen scientific cooperation with Eastern Europe countries
  • Accountability of scientists to European society. Industry and other societal demands.

Participants also suggested other action-themes such as reflection on ethics in science, communication deontology (in partnership with media professionals), access of women to scientific careers etc.

An appointment was made for the first General Assembly in a year's time, when finalised structures will be put in place and the first year's actions assessed.

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