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News Release 28-Mar-2020

Machine learning puts a new spin on spin models

Tokyo Metropolitan University
News Release 27-Mar-2020

Physicist from Hannover develops new photon source for tap-proof communication

Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD / Leibniz University Hannover
News Release 27-Mar-2020

Triple-threat genetic toolkit aids with eco-friendly chemical production

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment
News Release 27-Mar-2020

Zero-energy bound states in the high-temperature superconductors at 2-dimensional limit

Peking University
News Release 27-Mar-2020

New in vivo priming strategy to train stem cells can enhance cardiac repair effectiveness

City University of Hong Kong
News Release 27-Mar-2020

Researchers develop faster way to replace bad info in networks

North Carolina State University