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Public Release: 23-Jan-2019

St. Jude collaboration offers research road map to improve pediatric patient care

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Public Release: 17-Jan-2019

Antibiotics still routinely prescribed in the ER for infants with viral lung infections

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

Chance of depression in new doctors depends on where they train

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Public Release: 7-Jan-2019

Close flu vaccine supply gaps to ease flu seasons, make pandemics less deadly

Georgia Institute of Technology
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

Study suggests promising new Rx target for obesity and diabetes

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

End-of-life care quality remains a problem -- nurses may be a solution

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing