News by Subject Earth Science

Public Release: 23-May-2018

Determining effective methods of irrigation as water becomes increasingly scarce

American Society for Horticultural Science
Public Release: 22-May-2018

Study: Ancient mound builders carefully timed their occupation of coastal Louisiana site

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Public Release: 18-May-2018

Study finds no evidence of natural gas from fracking in Ohio drinking water

University of Cincinnati
Public Release: 16-May-2018

Satellite study finds major shifts in global freshwater

University of Maryland
Public Release: 16-May-2018

UMBC ecologist and colleagues expose bias in forest restoration studies

University of Maryland Baltimore County
Public Release: 16-May-2018

Hippo waste causes fish kills in Africa's Mara River

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies