News by Subject Earth Science

News Release 20-May-2019

High-quality jadeite tool discovered in underwater ancient salt works in Belize

Louisiana State University
News Release 16-May-2019

Algal blooms in Lake Erie's central basin could produce neurotoxins

Ohio State University
News Release 15-May-2019

Warming climate threatens microbes in alpine streams, new research shows

University of Wyoming
News Release 10-May-2019

Storm water banking could help Texas manage floods and droughts

University of Texas at Austin
News Release 8-May-2019

Soaking up pharmaceuticals and personal care products from water

American Chemical Society
News Release 8-May-2019

New study in Nature: Just one-third of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing

World Wildlife Fund
News Release 6-May-2019

Radical desalination approach may disrupt the water industry

Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science