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Public Release: 15-Jan-2018

Fast-tracking T cell therapies with immune-mimicking biomaterials

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard
Public Release: 15-Jan-2018

Biomaterials with 'logic gates' release therapeutics in response to environmental triggers

University of Washington
Public Release: 15-Jan-2018

An efficient approach of conjugated tetraenes from butadiene and alkynes

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Public Release: 11-Jan-2018

Super-adsorbent MOF captures twice its weight in water

Cell Press
Public Release: 9-Jan-2018

Artificial muscles power up with new gel-based robotics

Shinshu University
Public Release: 2-Jan-2018

Exploring electrolysis for energy storage

Kyushu University, I2CNER
Public Release: 19-Dec-2017

Paving the way for a non-electric battery to store solar energy

University of Massachusetts at Amherst