News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

Public Release: 23-Apr-2018

Liquid cell transmission electron microscopy makes a window into the nanoscale

Michigan Technological University
Public Release: 23-Apr-2018

Scientists use rocket scanner to learn how whales hear

Experimental Biology 2018
Public Release: 20-Apr-2018

Russian scientists learned to perform a diagnosis by analyzing saliva

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University
Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

Protein can slow intestinal tumor growth

Stockholm University
Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

Enlarged spleen key to diving endurance of Indonesian 'sea nomads'

University of California - Berkeley
Public Release: 18-Apr-2018

T cell antigen receptors act alone: Longstanding immunological mystery solved

Vienna University of Technology
Public Release: 18-Apr-2018

Difference in gene switching discovered in different parts of brain

Virginia Tech