News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

News Release 17-Oct-2019

A simpler way to make some medicines

Ohio State University
News Release 17-Oct-2019

Figuring out Alzheimer's

Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
News Release 17-Oct-2019

Big data technique reveals previously unknown capabilities of common materials

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
News Release 17-Oct-2019

Weaving quantum processors out of laser light

Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology
News Release 16-Oct-2019

Scientists discover method to create and trap trions at room temperature

University of Maryland
News Release 15-Oct-2019

Quantum physics: Ménage à trois photon-style

Université de Genève
News Release 15-Oct-2019

Chains of atoms move at lightning speed inside metals

Linköping University
News Release 14-Oct-2019

Overlap allows nanoparticles to enhance light-based detection

Rice University