News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

News Release 17-May-2019

Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
News Release 16-May-2019

JQI researchers shed new light on atomic 'wave function'

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
News Release 15-May-2019

Magic numbers make nickel nucleus stronger

University of Tokyo
News Release 14-May-2019

Scientists develop ultrasensitive organic phototransistors based on novel hybrid-layered architecture

Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters
News Release 13-May-2019

Just like toothpaste: Fluoride radically improves the stability of perovskite solar cells

Eindhoven University of Technology
News Release 10-May-2019

A dance of two: Tailoring interactions between remote fluids of excitons

Forschungsverbund Berlin