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Public Release: 20-Apr-2018

Genomics study in Africa: Demographic history and deleterious mutations

Institut Pasteur
Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

Study provides video evidence of parental infanticide in a grassland bird species

University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

Unprecedented wave of large-mammal extinctions linked to ancient humans

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

Museum researchers rediscover animal not seen in 30 years

San Diego Natural History Museum
Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

New ant species from Borneo explodes to defend its colony

Pensoft Publishers
Public Release: 18-Apr-2018

Low-cost anti-hookworm drug boosts female farmers' physical fitness

Yale University
Public Release: 18-Apr-2018

How to improve habitat conservation for migrating cranes

American Ornithological Society Publications Office