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Public Release: 16-Jul-2018

Olfactory receptors have more functions than merely smell perception

Ruhr-University Bochum
Public Release: 12-Jul-2018

Researchers turn exercise into a game and see encouraging results

University of Iowa
Public Release: 12-Jul-2018

Intensive care patients' muscles unable to use fats for energy

University College London
Public Release: 12-Jul-2018

Smell receptors in the body could help sniff out disease

American Physiological Society
Public Release: 11-Jul-2018

Optimizing pulsed electric fields to target cancer with calcium ions

Kumamoto University
Public Release: 11-Jul-2018

High intensity exercise in teenagers could ward off heart disease

The Physiological Society
Public Release: 11-Jul-2018

Salamanders show more resistance to global warming than previously believed

Clemson University