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News Release 16-Jan-2020

Study gauges efficacy of drugs against pork tapeworm

News Release 16-Jan-2020

Engineered mosquitoes cannot be infected with or transmit any dengue virus

News Release 14-Jan-2020

UC Davis scientists provide novel strategies for parasitic weed control

American Phytopathological Society
News Release 14-Jan-2020

New parasitoid wasp species discovered in the Amazon -- can manipulate host's behavior

University of Turku
News Release 14-Jan-2020

Cat parasite reduces general anxiety in infected mice, not just fear of feline predators

Cell Press
News Release 10-Jan-2020

Plants found to speak roundworm's language

Boyce Thompson Institute
News Release 8-Jan-2020

New study reveals the origin of complex malaria infections

Texas Biomedical Research Institute
News Release 31-Dec-2019

A new breakthrough in developing effective antimalarial drugs

Institut Pasteur
News Release 19-Dec-2019

Combining 2 rapid tests for the accurate diagnosis of Chagas disease in the field

Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)