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News Release 19-Sep-2019

Alzheimer's drug also treats parasitic Chagas disease

News Release 18-Sep-2019

Study shows interactions between bacteria and parasites

Technical University of Munich (TUM)
News Release 18-Sep-2019

New tool in fight against malaria

Penn State
News Release 18-Sep-2019

Nijmegen-led collaboration generates innovative candidate drug against malaria

Radboud University Medical Center
News Release 17-Sep-2019

Fungicides as an underestimated hazard for freshwater organisms

Forschungsverbund Berlin
News Release 11-Sep-2019

Malaria could be felled by an Antarctic sea sponge

American Chemical Society
News Release 9-Sep-2019

Scientists alleviate environmental concerns about BCA usage on powdery mildews

American Phytopathological Society