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Public Release: 21-Mar-2019

Inflammatory monocytes play contradictory roles in fungal infections

Public Release: 5-Mar-2019

Modern beer yeast emerged from mix of European grape wine, Asian rice wine yeast

Public Release: 4-Mar-2019

Boyce Thompson Institute researchers uncover new structures at plant-fungal interface

Boyce Thompson Institute
Public Release: 1-Mar-2019

Bacteria in frog skin may help fight fungal infections in humans

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Public Release: 20-Feb-2019

Life-changing magic of tidying up: Complex structures' organization studied in slime mold

University of Tokyo
Public Release: 20-Feb-2019

Genetic blueprint for extraordinary wood-munching fungus

Stellenbosch University
Public Release: 28-Jan-2019

New family of fungi threatens a UNESCO-listed 8-century-old cathedral in Portugal

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