News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

News Release 18-Jul-2019

CCNY physicists use mathematics to trace neuro transitions

City College of New York
News Release 17-Jul-2019

Researchers put a new spin on molecular oxygen

Osaka University
News Release 17-Jul-2019

High magnetic field of 10T during activated carbon production improves micropore capacity by 35%

Shinshu University
News Release 17-Jul-2019

Improving the odds of synthetic chemistry success

University of Utah
News Release 16-Jul-2019

Resistance is utile: Magnetite nanowires with sharp insulating transition

Osaka University
News Release 15-Jul-2019

Robert Alfano team identifies new 'Majorana Photons'

City College of New York
News Release 12-Jul-2019

Which is the perfect quantum theory?

Technical University of Munich (TUM)
News Release 11-Jul-2019

What happens when you explode a chemical bond?

University of California - Berkeley