News by Subject Technology & Engineering

News Release 4-Aug-2020

Greater connectedness in remote areas: A Ka-band transceiver for satellite communications

Tokyo Institute of Technology
News Release 3-Aug-2020

New method to defend against smart home cyber attacks developed by Ben-Gurion University researchers

American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
News Release 23-Jul-2020

A new MXene material shows extraordinary electromagnetic interference shielding ability

Drexel University
News Release 22-Jul-2020

Digitizing chemistry with a smart stir bar

American Chemical Society
News Release 21-Jul-2020

Photon-based processing units enable more complex machine learning

American Institute of Physics
News Release 20-Jul-2020

Through the nanoscale looking glass -- determining boson peak frequency in ultra-thin alumina

ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies
News Release 16-Jul-2020

Streamlining quantum information transmission

Research Organization of Information and Systems