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Public Release: 16-Jul-2018

What happens when we heat the atomic lattice of a magnet all of a sudden?

Forschungsverbund Berlin
Public Release: 16-Jul-2018

A step closer to quantum computers: NUS researchers show how to directly observe quantum spin effects

National University of Singapore
Public Release: 12-Jul-2018

Can ultrashort electron flashes help harvest nuclear energy?

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Public Release: 11-Jul-2018

Scoping magnetic fields out for prevention

Public Release: 10-Jul-2018

Newly discovered properties of ferroelectric crystal shed light on branch of materials

American Institute of Physics
Public Release: 9-Jul-2018

Physicists uncover why nanomaterial loses superconductivity

University of Utah
Public Release: 5-Jul-2018

Fiber-optic transmission of 4,000 km made possible by ultra-low-noise optical amplifiers

Chalmers University of Technology
Public Release: 4-Jul-2018

Merging antenna and electronics boosts energy and spectrum efficiency

Georgia Institute of Technology