News by Subject Technology & Engineering

Public Release: 18-Oct-2018

QuTech researchers put forward a roadmap for quantum internet development

Delft University of Technology
Public Release: 15-Oct-2018

Scientists discover new properties of uranium compounds

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Public Release: 15-Oct-2018

Technique quickly identifies extreme event statistics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Public Release: 13-Oct-2018

Fast, accurate estimation of the Earth's magnetic field for natural disaster detection

Tokyo Metropolitan University
Public Release: 10-Oct-2018

Prescience: Helping doctors predict the future

University of Washington
Public Release: 9-Oct-2018

Abrikosov vortices help scientists explain inconsistencies in 'dirty' superconductors theory

AKSON Russian Science Communication Association
Public Release: 8-Oct-2018

Artificial intelligence helps reveal how people process abstract thought

University of Houston
Public Release: 4-Oct-2018

Model helps robots navigate more like humans do

Massachusetts Institute of Technology