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Public Release: 22-Jan-2018

3-D printing improves cell adhesion and strength of PDMS polymer

Penn State
Public Release: 22-Jan-2018

Developing the VTX-1 liquid biopsy system: Fast and label-free enrichment of circulating tumor cells

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening)
Public Release: 21-Jan-2018

The world's most powerful acoustic tractor beam could pave the way for levitating humans

University of Bristol
Public Release: 19-Jan-2018

Piecework at the nano assembly line

Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Public Release: 19-Jan-2018

Scientists discover how treating eczema could also alleviate asthma

VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology)
Public Release: 18-Jan-2018

Counting chromosomes: Plant scientists solve a century-old mystery about reproduction

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Public Release: 18-Jan-2018

Viruses are everywhere, maybe even in space

Portland State University