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Public Release: 18-Sep-2017

Relationship found between HIV risk and individual and community level educational status

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Public Release: 18-Sep-2017

Wait-and-see strategy pays off, incentives needed for risk takers

University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Public Release: 18-Sep-2017

Catching diversity of fish species means more stable income for fishers

University of Washington
Public Release: 15-Sep-2017

Insult to injury: US workers without paid sick leave suffer from mental distress

Florida Atlantic University
Public Release: 15-Sep-2017

New Orleans greenery post-Katrina reflects social demographics more than hurricane impact

Ecological Society of America
Public Release: 14-Sep-2017

Ending DACA could have dire public health consequences

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Public Release: 13-Sep-2017

Low-level radiation exposure less harmful to health than other modern lifestyle risks

University of Oxford