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Public Release: 17-Jan-2019

Can a critic-turned-believer sway others? The case of genetically modified foods

Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Public Release: 16-Jan-2019

Nudging does not necessarily improve decisions

University of Zurich
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

Large study identifies numerous genes associated with risk tolerance and risky behaviors

University of Toronto
Public Release: 9-Jan-2019

Study suggests that fear and anger had different effects on conservatives and liberals

University at Buffalo
Public Release: 9-Jan-2019

Carrots or candy bars? Context shapes choice of healthy foods

Duke University
Public Release: 9-Jan-2019

How words get an emotional meaning

University of Göttingen
Public Release: 7-Jan-2019

Human brain allocates attention based on known size of objects

George Washington University