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Public Release: 12-Feb-2019

Walking simulation games signal a new literary genre

University of Kent
Public Release: 7-Feb-2019

How a telenovela was adapted for US audiences: With more sex, violence and alcohol

Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Public Release: 7-Feb-2019

Time-shift TV does not reduce amount of live TV, ads consumers watch

Carnegie Mellon University
Public Release: 6-Feb-2019

Unfamiliar words, not blue text, slows reading of hyperlinks

Public Release: 5-Feb-2019

New study shows sitting, watching TV linked to colorectal cancer risk before age 50

Oxford University Press USA
Public Release: 4-Feb-2019

Policy statements on the effects of media overlook scientific complexity

Association for Psychological Science
Public Release: 4-Feb-2019

Peering under the hood of fake-news detectors

Massachusetts Institute of Technology