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News Release 17-Jan-2020

New dog, old tricks? Stray dogs can understand human cues

News Release 15-Jan-2020

How zebra finches learn to sing

University of Zurich
News Release 13-Jan-2020

CLICS: World's largest database of cross-linguistic lexical associations

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
News Release 10-Jan-2020

Speech-disrupting brain disease reflects patients' native tongue

University of California - San Francisco
News Release 9-Jan-2020

Baby and adult brains 'sync up' during play, finds Princeton Baby Lab

Princeton University
News Release 9-Jan-2020

The Vikings erected a runestone out of fear of a climate catastrophe

University of Gothenburg
News Release 8-Jan-2020

'She' goes missing from presidential language

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
News Release 6-Jan-2020

False negatives: Delayed Zika effects in babies who appeared normal at birth

Children's National Hospital