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Public Release: 17-Jan-2018

Commercial software no more accurate than untrained people in predicting recidivism

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Public Release: 21-Dec-2017

Motion in action: Scientists develop method to track human movements more accurately

Chinese Association of Automation
Public Release: 13-Dec-2017

World e-waste rises 8 percent by weight in 2 years as incomes rise, prices fall: UN-backed report

United Nations University / International Telecommunication Union / International Solid Waste Association
Public Release: 1-Dec-2017

Medical note system could boost patients' engagement in their health care

University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences
Public Release: 30-Nov-2017

Global risk of Madagascar's pneumonic plague epidemic is limited

Hokkaido University
Public Release: 13-Nov-2017

Big data resources presented at American Public Health Association meeting

University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences