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Public Release: 11-Dec-2018

The contribution of international academics to UK must be recognised, says business school

University of Bath
Public Release: 5-Dec-2018

The Lancet: Harmful, unfounded myths about migration and health have become accepted, used to justify policies of exclusion

The Lancet
Public Release: 4-Dec-2018

African maroon resistance at Hispaniola heavily challenged European conquest

University of Kansas
Public Release: 30-Nov-2018

Can a smart app encourage HIV-self testing in Canada?

McGill University Health Centre
Public Release: 29-Nov-2018

Ancient populations from different Caucasus regions had strong social connections

AKSON Russian Science Communication Association
Public Release: 29-Nov-2018

An opioid epidemic may be looming in Mexico -- and the US may be partly responsible

University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences
Public Release: 26-Nov-2018

Alcohol use may increase among Hispanic Americans as they become more 'Americanized'

Southern Methodist University
Public Release: 19-Nov-2018

The 'Swiss Army knife of prehistoric tools' found in Asia, suggests homegrown technology

University of Washington
Public Release: 15-Nov-2018

Sex ed before college can prevent student experiences of sexual assault

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health
Public Release: 8-Nov-2018

History of early settlement and survival in Andean highlands revealed by ancient genomes

University of Chicago Medical Center