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News Release 5-Aug-2020

Drivers respond to pre-crash warnings with levels of attentive 'gaze'

University of Missouri-Columbia
News Release 5-Aug-2020

Will automated vehicles cut parking revenue?

Portland State University
News Release 3-Aug-2020

Evaluating the effectiveness of travel bans

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
News Release 29-Jul-2020

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Study reveals where first cases of COVID-19 outside China may have originated based on case travel histories

The Lancet
News Release 24-Jul-2020

Citizen science at heart of new study showing COVID-19 seismic noise reduction

Raspberry Shake
News Release 23-Jul-2020

Do bicycles slow down cars on low speed, low traffic roads? Latest research says 'no'

Portland State University