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Public Release: 21-Sep-2018

DNA vaccine leads to immune responses in HPV-related head and neck cancer

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Public Release: 19-Sep-2018

Premature brains develop differently in boys and girls

Public Release: 17-Sep-2018

Undiagnosed STIs can increase negative PMS symptoms

University of Oxford
Public Release: 12-Sep-2018

With STDs at an all-time high, why aren't more people getting a proven treatment?

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Public Release: 12-Sep-2018

Among body shapes, pears are healthier than apples

University of California - Riverside
Public Release: 10-Sep-2018

Binge drinking affects male and female brains differently

Public Release: 6-Sep-2018

Stress wracks worm nerves, leaving lasting memories

NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke