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News Release 18-Jun-2019

Inhaling air pollution-like irritant alters defensive heart-lung reflex for hypertension

University of South Florida (USF Innovation)
News Release 17-Jun-2019

9,000 years ago, a community with modern urban problems

Ohio State University
News Release 12-Jun-2019

High-density of alcohol outlets and advertising affect youth drinking

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health
News Release 7-Jun-2019

Somebody's watching you: The surveillance of self-driving cars

Dartmouth College
News Release 5-Jun-2019

Autonomous boats can target and latch onto each other

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
News Release 5-Jun-2019

Microgrids can help maximize efficiency of renewable energy consumption

Chinese Association of Automation
News Release 4-Jun-2019

SwRI's ActiveVision enables transportation agencies to automate traffic monitoring

Southwest Research Institute
News Release 29-May-2019

The 'projects' are nice now finds study on HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration Program

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health