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Public Release: 22-Jan-2019

Fewer medical tests -- timely listing for transplantation

Public Release: 22-Jan-2019

Blood test shows promise for early detection of severe lung-transplant rejection

NIH/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
Public Release: 22-Jan-2019

Liver transplant for alcohol-related liver disease in US

JAMA Internal Medicine
Public Release: 22-Jan-2019

Liver transplants double for alcohol-related liver disease

University of California - San Francisco
Public Release: 21-Jan-2019

Timely referral to kidney transplant may improve survival for patients with lupus nephritis

American College of Physicians
Public Release: 17-Jan-2019

Cultivating 4D tissues -- the self-curving cornea

Newcastle University
Public Release: 17-Jan-2019

Resist! TAK1 enables endothelial cells to avoid apoptosis

Osaka University
Public Release: 15-Jan-2019

Engineered T cells promote long-term organ transplant acceptance

University of Basel
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

NYSCF scientists make strides in creation of clinical-grade bone

New York Stem Cell Foundation
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

CU researchers review vaccine-preventable infections in pediatric transplant patients

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus