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Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Ultrasound provides precise, minimally invasive way to measure heart function in children

American Society of Anesthesiologists
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Surgery using ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure

Queen Mary University of London
Public Release: 15-Mar-2019

Surgery no better than medication at preventing serious complications of atrial fibrillation

NIH/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
Public Release: 14-Mar-2019

Traffic accidents involving moose are 13 times more likely to result in human death

American College of Surgeons
Public Release: 13-Mar-2019

Study examines use of video-assisted surgery for known, suspected lung cancer in VA

JAMA Surgery
Public Release: 12-Mar-2019

Boston Children's Hospital announces results of Bridge-Enhanced® ACL repair study

Boston Children's Hospital