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Public Release: 24-May-2018

Tumor cells evade death through in extremis DNA repair

Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)
Public Release: 23-May-2018

Rapamycin lotion reduces facial tumors caused by tuberous sclerosis, UTHealth reports

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Public Release: 23-May-2018

Tuberculosis: Pharmacists develop new substance to counteract antimicrobial resistance

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Public Release: 21-May-2018

Discovery for grouping atoms invokes Pasteur

University of Sydney
Public Release: 18-May-2018

Atomic-level study reveals why rare disorder causes sudden paralysis

University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine
Public Release: 16-May-2018

Diagnosing breast cancer with an imaging pill

American Chemical Society
Public Release: 16-May-2018

Tailor-made synthesis of cyclic chemicals by means of enzymes

Bielefeld University
Public Release: 15-May-2018

Enzyme's movement may be key to new cancer drugs

University of Arizona