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Public Release: 12-Dec-2018

Stem cell researchers develop promising technique to generate new muscle cells in lab

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Public Release: 12-Dec-2018

Eligibility criteria unfairly limit minorities' access to hip and knee replacement surgeries

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Public Release: 10-Dec-2018

The use of electrospun scaffolds in musculoskeletal tissue engineering

Bentham Science Publishers
Public Release: 5-Dec-2018

New recommendations for the conduct of economic evaluations in osteoporosis

International Osteoporosis Foundation
Public Release: 5-Dec-2018

Scientists identify 'youth factor' in blood cells that speeds fracture repair

Duke University Medical Center
Public Release: 4-Dec-2018

What are the cost-effective implants in hip replacement surgery?

University of Bristol
Public Release: 28-Nov-2018

Beyond bone mineral density: Additional bone traits predict risk for fracture

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center