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News Release 31-Mar-2020

Individuals taking class of steroid medications at high risk for COVID-19

The Endocrine Society
News Release 30-Mar-2020

Cells must age for muscles to regenerate in muscle-degenerating diseases

Hokkaido University
News Release 30-Mar-2020

Researchers reverse muscle fibrosis from overuse injury in animals, hope for human trials

Temple University Health System
News Release 30-Mar-2020

(Re)generation next: Novel strategy to develop scaffolds for joint tissue regeneration

Tokyo University of Science
News Release 30-Mar-2020

Artificial intelligence improves X-ray identification of patients with broken bones

The Endocrine Society
News Release 26-Mar-2020

Experimental model mimics early-stage myogenic deficit in boys with DMD

Children's National Hospital
News Release 25-Mar-2020

Using CRISPR to find muscular dystrophy treatments

Boston Children's Hospital
News Release 23-Mar-2020

Keeping lower back pain at bay: Exercises designed by Lithuanians are 3 times more efficient

Kaunas University of Technology
News Release 18-Mar-2020

Fracture liaison service improves care for patients with fragility fractures

Wolters Kluwer Health