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Public Release: 14-Mar-2018

E-cigarettes may be more harmful than beneficial according to evidence-based research

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Public Release: 9-Mar-2018

Majority of mining-related injuries and illness in Illinois go unreported

University of Illinois at Chicago
Public Release: 9-Mar-2018

NIH experts call for transformative research approach to end tuberculosis

NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Public Release: 8-Mar-2018

MicroRNA predicts and protects against severe lung disease in extremely premature infants

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Public Release: 8-Mar-2018

Cancer 'signature' first step toward blood test for patients

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Public Release: 7-Mar-2018

New molecular target could help ease asthma

University of California - Davis Health System