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Public Release: 18-Dec-2018

Amphetamine use, abuse and dependence claim lines increased over 3,000 percent in 10 years

FAIR Health
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

End-of-life care quality remains a problem -- nurses may be a solution

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

Scientists report CRISPR restores effectiveness of lung cancer treatment

Christiana Care Health System
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

10-year follow-up after negative colonoscopies linked to lower colorectal cancer risk

Kaiser Permanente
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

Patients with heart failure have lower risk of death, hospital admission if seen by physician in first 7 days after emergency department discharge

Canadian Medical Association Journal
Public Release: 17-Dec-2018

Daily medication more cost-effective than monthly injections for opioid use disorder

American College of Physicians
Public Release: 16-Dec-2018

Researchers develop global checklist for hospital antimicrobial stewardship programs

Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy