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Public Release: 15-Feb-2018

'Living bandages': NUST MISIS scientists develop biocompatible anti-burn nanofibers

National University of Science and Technology MISIS
Public Release: 5-Feb-2018

New research suggests your immune system can protect against MRSA infections

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Public Release: 1-Feb-2018

Why basal cell tumors return when drug treatment stops

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Public Release: 1-Feb-2018

Patients and doctors often disagree in evaluation of surgical scarring

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Public Release: 30-Jan-2018

No definitive causal link between sunbed use and malignant melanoma

Saarland University
Public Release: 26-Jan-2018

Pyridostigmine treatment reverses pediatric complications of botulinum toxin therapy

Medical University of South Carolina