News by Subject Mathematics

News Release 7-Apr-2020

Simulations show extreme opinions can lead to polarized groups

American Institute of Physics
News Release 6-Apr-2020

The four horsemen of the COVID-19 pandemic

Singapore University of Technology and Design
News Release 2-Apr-2020

Decrypting cryptocurrencies

The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences
News Release 28-Mar-2020

Machine learning puts a new spin on spin models

Tokyo Metropolitan University
News Release 25-Mar-2020

How to break new records in the 200 metres?

News Release 18-Mar-2020

Mathematicians develop new theory to explain real-world randomness

Queen Mary University of London
News Release 12-Mar-2020

Learning how cancer cells coordinate and collaborate to multiply and metastasize

Osaka University
News Release 11-Mar-2020

Stanford scientists discover the mathematical rules underpinning brain growth

Stanford School of Engineering
News Release 6-Mar-2020

Topology protects light propagation in photonic crystal