News by Subject Archaeology

Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

New approach measures early human butchering practices

Purdue University
Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

Recently discovered fossil shows transition of a reptile from life on land to life in the sea

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Public Release: 5-Dec-2017

Archaeologists revise chronology of the last hunter-gatherers in the Near East

University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Humanities
Public Release: 4-Dec-2017

Bronze Age artifacts used meteoric iron

Public Release: 1-Dec-2017

Exceptionally preserved eggs and embryos reveal the life history of a pterosaur

Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters
Public Release: 30-Nov-2017

Adornments told about the culture of prehistoric people

Lomonosov Moscow State University
Public Release: 29-Nov-2017

First-of-its-kind mummy study reveals clues to girl's story

Northwestern University