News by Subject Earth Science

Public Release: 20-Aug-2018

Stone tools reveal modern human-like gripping capabilities 500,000 years ago

University of Kent
Public Release: 20-Aug-2018

Juelich researchers are developing fast-charging solid-state batteries

Forschungszentrum Juelich
Public Release: 20-Aug-2018

What's behind the retreating kelps and expanding corals?

Hokkaido University
Public Release: 20-Aug-2018

California plain shows surprising winners and losers from prolonged drought

University of Washington
Public Release: 20-Aug-2018

Michigan meteor could help researchers understand near-Earth object threats

Seismological Society of America
Public Release: 19-Aug-2018

A study by MSU scientists will help specify the models of the Earth atmosphere circulation

Lomonosov Moscow State University