News by Subject Biology

News Release 10-Apr-2019

Active ingredient of aconite root against peripheral neuropathic pain is identified as neoline

Nagoya City University
News Release 9-Apr-2019

JUUL electronic cigarette products linked to cellular damage

University of California - Riverside
News Release 9-Apr-2019

Lab tests of blu e-vapor show no evidence of damage to human lung cells

Imperial Brands
News Release 8-Apr-2019

New findings on the effect of Epsom salt -- Epsom salt receptor identified

Leibniz-Institut für Lebensmittel-Systembiologie an der TU München
News Release 8-Apr-2019

Current methods may inadequately measure health impacts from oil, natural gas extraction

University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences
News Release 5-Apr-2019

TTI heat map shows relationship between traffic-related air pollution and childhood asthma

Texas A&M University Transportation Institute
News Release 3-Apr-2019

Researchers' breakthrough in tackling challenge of antifungal resistance

Swansea University