News by Subject Biology

News Release 3-Mar-2020

New insights into the Transatlantic slave trade on African ancestry in the Americas

Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)
News Release 2-Mar-2020

The microbes in your mouth, and a reminder to floss and go to the dentist

Colorado State University
News Release 2-Mar-2020

To predict an epidemic, evolution can't be ignored

College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
News Release 27-Feb-2020

Monogamous female sea turtles? Yes, thanks to sperm storage

Florida Atlantic University
News Release 26-Feb-2020

Helpful interactions can keep societies stable

University of Pennsylvania
News Release 26-Feb-2020

Comparing PFAS exposures in female firefighters and office workers

American Chemical Society
News Release 25-Feb-2020

The do's and don'ts of monitoring many wildlife species at once

University of Massachusetts Amherst
News Release 25-Feb-2020

When it comes to conservation, ditch the 'canary in the coal mine'

University of British Columbia Okanagan campus