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News Release 14-Nov-2017

New study 'sheds light' on sun's role in mitigating fungal disease of mango fruit

American Phytopathological Society
News Release 14-Nov-2017

Microbiome transplants provide disease resistance in critically endangered Hawaiian plant

University of Hawaii at Manoa
News Release 7-Nov-2017

'Zombie ant' brains left intact by fungal parasite

Penn State
News Release 3-Nov-2017

Wild grape yeast could be more effective than pesticides in preventing grape molds

News Release 30-Oct-2017

White rot fungi's size explained by breadth of gene families involved

DOE/Joint Genome Institute
News Release 23-Oct-2017

Novel transdisciplinary study uncovers microbes that may one day deter major grape disease

American Phytopathological Society
News Release 5-Oct-2017

Soil microbes' contribution to the carbon cycle in a warming world

University of Massachusetts at Amherst