News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

News Release 9-Sep-2019

Uncovering a new aspect of charge density modulations in high temperature superconductors

Chalmers University of Technology
News Release 5-Sep-2019

Scientists measure precise proton radius to help resolve decade-old puzzle

York University
News Release 4-Sep-2019

New insulation technique paves the way for more powerful and smaller chips

KU Leuven
News Release 3-Sep-2019

Using lasers to study explosions

American Institute of Physics
News Release 3-Sep-2019

At the edge of chaos, powerful new electronics could be created

University of Groningen
News Release 3-Sep-2019

Graphene layer enables advance in super-resolution microscopy

University of Göttingen
News Release 2-Sep-2019

Single atoms as catalysts

Vienna University of Technology
News Release 2-Sep-2019

Mystery solved about the machines that move your genes

Simons Foundation