News by Subject Archaeology

Public Release: 15-Jan-2018

Possible cause of early colonial-era Mexican epidemic identified

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Public Release: 3-Jan-2018

Research reveals evidence of new population of ancient Native Americans

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Public Release: 3-Jan-2018

Direct genetic evidence of founding population reveals story of first Native Americans

St John's College, University of Cambridge
Public Release: 20-Dec-2017

Easter Island had a cooperative community, analysis of giant hats reveals

Binghamton University
Public Release: 20-Dec-2017

Unexpected agricultural production allowed pre-Hispanic society to flourish in arid Andes

Public Release: 20-Dec-2017

A 508-million-year-old sea predator with a 'jackknife' head

University of Toronto