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News Release 19-May-2020

VR and AR devices at 1/100 the cost and 1/10,000 the thickness in the works

Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH)
News Release 19-May-2020

Algorithmic autos

University of Delaware
News Release 19-May-2020

MIT engineers propose a safer method for sharing ventilators

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
News Release 19-May-2020

Retrofitting of VW Diesel engines was successful

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA)
News Release 19-May-2020

A spreadable interlayer could make solid state batteries more stable

Chalmers University of Technology
News Release 18-May-2020

Graphene-reinforced carbon fiber may lead to affordable, stronger car materials

Penn State
News Release 18-May-2020

High hopes for new-age rubber

Flinders University
News Release 15-May-2020

A soft touch for robotic hardware

University of Tokyo
News Release 14-May-2020

Tiny pop-up devices work relentlessly, even under extreme pressure

Texas A&M University